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Ang bipolar mo naman. Ngayon kakausapin mo ako tapos maya-maya pag ako na kumakausap sayo susungitan mo ako. Yung totoo, te. Nakakainis na.

13 hours ago

Ngayon ko lang na-realize na hindi ko pala talaga pinag-isipang mabuti yung pagquit ko. Hahaha. Tonge.

1 week ago



Something in your eyes makes me want to lose myself in them

Words of Emotion

2 weeks ago



Let me just air out my annoyance one more time. Fans of Kathniel like @perksofkb or ‘Camila’, I suppose, is simply one of the many smug, arrogant, and annoying Kathniel fans I have encountered in my fangirl life. THIS is especially rude. Jadine fans trended ‘We Love Nadine Lustre’ and guess what the top photo is.

It’s one thing not to like James or Nadine but it’s another to be totally crass about it. So what if they like to trend their support?! Several fandoms do it. Kim and Xian fans do it, Julie Anne and Elmo fans do it, and God knows that of all fandoms, YOURS is the one most committed to the fuckery. So my question is this… what gives? What the fuck is your problem with Jadine (or Nadine) fans trending ‘We Love Nadine Lustre’. Couldn’t you just let this one pass by without your ridiculous insights?

I have seen many fandoms in my lifetime but I can safely say that yours is the WORST.

And what’s even more entertaining about all of this is I actually like Kathniel. Made a couple of posts on here for them, even… but you guys are making me like them less and less.

So if that is your goal… to alienate people who might just be Kathniel fans into disliking them because they dislike their fans? THEN GOOD FUCKING JOB!

I am tagging Kathniel so that fans can see that their ridiculous way of support is extremely immature and NOT CUTE BY ANY FUCKING MEANS. Stop.


Tsk. :/

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2 weeks ago
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